Local elections—Why bother!

Well, simply put, because they’re important. Maybe more important than the highly partisan, hourly media-covered, national elections of recent years. In 2020’s presidential election, 67% of registered voters cast ballots, yet on average among our 350 largest cities, less than 15% of eligible voters cast a ballot at the municipal level. Appalling! For entertainment value,…Read more Local elections—Why bother!

Joint Democratic Leadership Column – Week 9

Pierre, SD (March 11, 2022) - We are here in Pierre finishing up the last week of the 97th legislative session. Democrats have worked hard to get things done for the people of South Dakota. We have had a variety of successes, both with our own legislation and fighting against bills that would ultimately hurt our state.  We all…Read more Joint Democratic Leadership Column – Week 9

Mark Young 2020 Forum

As go the unions, so goes South Dakota’s middle class

Trump’s attacks on organized labor are making stagnant wages and income inequality worse "We sense in the current administration an overall attack on collective bargaining rights for employees. It has been gaining strength and gaining force." Mark Young, Executive Vice PresidentAFGE National VA Council, Local 1509 Make America Great Again. The red-hatted rallying cry of…Read more As go the unions, so goes South Dakota’s middle class