Noem on parade 🚨ACTION ALERT🚨

Barred from risking life and limb of Black Hills-dwelling humans, trees and wildlife with a reckless fireworks display at Mt. Rushmore again this year, future one-term South Dakota Governor and National Guard trafficker Kristi Noem is gracing the eastern half of the state – INCLUDING THE SIOUX FALLS INDEPENDENCE DAY PARADE – with her presence on Sunday, July 4.

Show Noem we won’t let her keep exploiting South Dakota, its precious resources and its people as pawns to raise her personal political profile.


Minnehaha County Dems need the largest group of Democratic walkers we have ever had for this parade. Let’s send a message that we are here and we are ready to get to work for the candidate for the governor’s seat.

  • 8:30 AM Line up – somewhere in that KELO to Washington Pavilion area. Look for us.
  • 10:00 AM Parade from KELO on Phillips down to Fall Park

We need walkers. WE WILL NOT HAVE THE FLOAT FOR RIDING ON this time. We have a red, white, and blue vehicle for signs. If you are running for office again, let me know and Tom can grab signs for the storage if he has yours. We also can carry signs.

This parade goes to Falls Park. Consider parking at the northern end of Downtown so you don’t have a long walk back.
It will be hot. Prepare drinking lots of water. Bring water with you. Wear sunscreen and sunglasses.
Bring candy. This parade goes through a lot of candy. WE NEED A LOT OF CANDY. 🙂
Dems and progressive independents from anywhere in South Dakota are welcome!

Spread the word. Let’s make a statement this Independence Day.